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Operational Owner

Hospital lead or managerial staff responsible for the success of a specific operational area.

Subject Matter Experts [SME]

Hospital staff with extensive knowledge on the current-state practices. These users help the IT project team staff make operational and workflow decisions throughout the project.

Super User

Hospital staff with additional exposure to Epic tools and workflow decisions. These users are available to answer system questions and provide on-point training during go-live.

Electronic Data Interchange [EDI]

Epic technical staff responsible for interface coordination, build, and maintenance.

Technical Coordinator [TC]

Epic maintenance staff responsible for managing TS staff and assisting customer with management and upgrade schedule post-live.

Technical Services [TS]

Epic maintenance staff responsible for assisting with additional programming needs during an implementation and assisting with customer facing issues and upgrades post-live.

Implementation Manager [IM]

Epic project manager functioning as the main point of escalation for the project.

Implementation Coordinator [IC]

Epic project manager functioning as the main point of contact for the project director.

Application Manager [AM]

Epic analyst functioning as the overall lead and overseer for a specific Epic application.

Interim Update [IU]

Update package delivering minor fixes and enhancements to supplement functionality inherent in a major release.

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